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New Life is Beginning in Maqro Construction complex

Georgian and foreign customers meet at Dinehall. When you are happy, you want toshare it with others. That is why MAQRO Construction arranged a meeting for happy inhabitants. The Dinehall restaurant hosted the Georgian and Turkish customers who purchased apartments in MAQRO Constructions two complexes, Green Diamond and Green Budapest. They shared their experiences living in Georgia in cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

The representatives of different professions, nationalities or social circles are all satisfied with the purchase, because the quality is important for everyone. MAQRO Construction offers the quality not only in relation to the final product, but also regarding the relationship and cooperation at any stage. It should be noted that the company sells the apartments on a turnkey basis.

"I decided to buy an apartment here as soon as I saw completed projects of Green Budapest and Green Diamond. Apartments in Georgia arerarely sold on a turnkey basis. For me it was very important’, thesupervisor of Is bank,SevilYildiz says. “I came to Georgia almost 3 years ago and I think it is good to buy a flat herefrom the investment point of view as well. I think that MAQRO Construction is a very reliable company".

Zviad Gurashvili and his friends bought an apartment in Green Diamond. For them too it was very important that they would not need to worry about renovation works. "During the decision-making process, the location was also very important.Green Diamond is located away from the noisy center of Tbilisi, - Gurashvili says.

Interestingly, Green Budapest and Green Diamond are located on qualitatively different places. One is situated downtown and the otheris nearby from the center. SoMAQROConstruction offers apartments for the people of any taste. Zviad Gurashvili liked Green Diamond especially for the fact that it is located in a quiet place, away from the city center. TeaMovelidze, on the other hand, bought her new flatin Green Budapest, because the central location is okay with her.
"I am very happy with my choice," –Movelidze says, - "Currently I reside in England and I bought a house remotely. Actually I saw it a few days ago and it is safe to say that it is of European standards. Its location was crucial for me too".

The inhabitants arealso satisfied with the fact that green cover is also well developed here.

Green Budapest isa very good place to live. It is surrounded by a 12 000 m2 green line. Construction was carried out witha high-quality material too. The complex is well protected. We have become the first residents almost a month ago at the Green Budapest and we are very happy, "- MetinKemeroglu and GulkanKemeroglu say.

Cengiz Erdogan, a Turkish businessman, arrived in Georgia in the 1990s. He had long wanted to buy a flat, but could not make decision before seeing MAQRO Construction projects. Finally, he bought a new flat in Green Budapest. He was so much satisfied with the highest quality construction, flexible pricing and payment of favorable conditions, that later he also bought an apartment inGreen Diamond as well.

"My second apartment is a kind of a summer house for me. My family and I look forward to spending time at Green Diamond’s swimming pool", - he says.
Big part of new residents of MAQROConstruction are foreigners, including Turkish people. One of the reasons for that is the fact that in Georgia the real estate investment return period is 7-8 years, whilein Turkey, it reaches 20 to 30 years.

"If you buy real estate in Turkey and decide to sell it, it will be exempt from taxes for 5 years. In Georgia this period is only 2 years", - MAQRO Construction PR,sales and marketing director FatmaSedepKainarkan explains, - "Also, the rent tax in turkey is 20% while in Georgia - only 5%. So, here investing in the real estate is much more profitable. MAQRO Construction offers the investors to come and invest in high-quality projects. Her
e there are more flexible payment terms".


 If you cannot leave city life but you still want to be in touch with nature and green, you will find what you are looking for in Green Diamond.


If you do not have time for exercise and getting fit, you will find what you are looking for in Green Diamond.


If you think that there is no way other than waiting for vacation to swim when you are living in the city, you will find what you are looking for in Green Diamond.


 If you would like to drink a cup of coffee in an elegant café or have a snack in a restaurant after you meet your daily needs such as grocery shopping, you will find what you are looking for in Green Diamond.

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