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Who we are


Being one of the major international investors in Georgia, Maqro Construction is continuing to live a mark on Georgia through various investments it has made in a short time since it was founded in 2013. Maqro Construction develops its technical expertise based on honesty and high-quality which are the main features of its business ethics, together with the right strategy of its dedicated management team that monitors the market closely. By this means, it provides its customers comfortable services, products and brand-new contemporary living areas with unique and affordable payment terms In addition, it is a close follower of these new lifestyle that it creates.

Maqro Construction has set its vision as “to raise the work quality standard by realizing various world-class and modern projects aimed at the needs of the society by using new technologies together with its qualified, innovative and creative personnel”. Glorya Furniture, which is the first project that Maqro Construction has put into practice, is providing service in an indoor area of 10,000 m2 as the first and the only furniture factory in Batumi. This project was followed by a 4-star Mercure Tbilisi Hotel construction project, which was carried out together with the cooperation of French Accor Group and a worldclass hotel was built in Tbilisi. Maqro Construction is building Ibis Styles Hotel which will be putting into service in 2017 in cooperation with Accor Group in Tbilisi.

The biggest project realized by Maqro Construction until now is Green Budapest. The investment that worth $45 million USD covers of 351 apartment flats has drawn attention through its new and unusual approach in every phase including its architecture, construction, and interior design and payment conditions. Maqro Construction’s goal is to enable customers to live in a European standardised living areas easily with flexible payment options and up to 5-year internal credit. The apartments in Green Budapest, which are completed 4 months before the planned and promised delivery date, have been started to be delivered on May 2016 proving the solid company values of Maqro Construction; discipline and honesty.

As a new life is starting in Green Budapest, Maqro Construction is initiating its new and most assertive project. Green Diamond composed of 1.772 apartments is laying the foundations of a brand-new modern life in Tbilisi providing numerous opportunities including outdoor and indoor sports areas, swimming pools, kindergarten, school and commercial units that will meet all basic requirements.

This project which we have aimed to raise the living standards of our customers by planning the living areas in the most efficient way and by enriching them with social facilities (based on our previous experiences) and which has touched the lives of thousands of people will take its place that it deserves within the construction sector through its unique opportunities provided. The target group of Maqro Construction was Georgia and the neighboring countries when it started its investments in 2013 and now has become a brand through its unique projects. The current aim of Maqro Construction is to carry out projects in different regions and the company will continue to create value by working in collaboration with its business partners and suppliers within the frame of professional principles and by providing reliable and high-quality projects for its customers.


As Maqro International Construction Company, we realize the projects which we have promised.

Based upon our manpower and engineering experience of many years, we have selected the building materials delicately (both in visible and invisible places) including the sealing compounds and the types of the vitrified elements used in the flats. We designed and actualized our practices in order to provide a better living area and comfort. We kept all the engineering figures at the optimal level during the project construction phase and worked in cooperation with high-quality brands.

We did not only build durable buildings by using aerated concrete which provides heat and sound insulation, we also created a complex together with our creative architectural team where the residents can live a life in touch with nature. We added value to this life with the fitness center, kindergarten and sports area which have been designed in accordance with the requirements of modern life. We provided comfort for the residents through the security system and the parking garage. We designed the flats intended for many people and families by considering different scale and plan types within the flats and by being aware of the richness arising from diversity. We acted eco-friendly during the construction period by using paper and plastic waste sorting system for the disposal of our wastes.

The aim of all these works was to create a safe, peaceful and natural social area, in other words to create a brand-new and modern living area in the center of the city.

As we mentioned at the beginning, as Maqro Construction we stand behind our word. We realize what we promise.

As the most important proof of this, we would like to emphasize that as a company carrying out its activities with equity capital, we have delivered the apartments in Green Budapest on time. As a company believing in the importance of human existence and trust, we positioned our head office just beside our Green Budapest project.

As a close follower of all our works at any time, we set making the necessary arrangements by evaluating all kinds of constructive feedbacks that we have received from our customers or obtained directly, together with our management team and reflecting the outcomes on our new projects as a mission.

We will continue to carry out our activities being aware of valuing people means providing high-quality service for them from beginning to the end.




 If you cannot leave city life but you still want to be in touch with nature and green, you will find what you are looking for in Green Diamond.


If you do not have time for exercise and getting fit, you will find what you are looking for in Green Diamond.


If you think that there is no way other than waiting for vacation to swim when you are living in the city, you will find what you are looking for in Green Diamond.


 If you would like to drink a cup of coffee in an elegant café or have a snack in a restaurant after you meet your daily needs such as grocery shopping, you will find what you are looking for in Green Diamond.

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