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General information

Green Diamond, Residential complex of European standards is built on 69.444 m2 area. The total green area of the projects is 23.150 m2 and there will be (1.686) units in total.

When purchasing property in Green Diamond, customer will receive fully renovated unit, including:
  • Kitchen furniture as well as the appliances stove, oven and a range hood shall be installed and delivered in all apartments.
  • The apartments shall be heated by independent combo boiler, heating installation shall be made, panel radiators shall be fixed one in each room, drying rack in the bathroom.
  • In the bathroom cupboard, bathtub or shower tray shall be made
  • Entry door of the apartments shall be steel door with wooden panel.
  • Joinery shall be PVC joinery with double glass.
  • Floor in the hall, kitchen (by planning), bathroom and toilet shall be done with the ceramics.
  • floor in the other living areas shall be done by wooden laminate flooring.
  • Electric and light plugs in each room according to the room sizes shall be installed, as well as one point on the balcony for boiler, on terraces will be additional plugs also provided.
  • Internet cable inlets shall be made in the entrance of the apartment.
  • Antenna inlets shall be made at the building for the satellite broadcasting in living room and in master bedroom. Any asked broadcasting may be followed in case the customer provides the decoder or receiver.
  • Intercom System shall be installed within the apartments.

Construction techniques

High strength type concrete of C 30 category shall be used at the foundations and stories.

Reinforced concrete carcass system shall be used in the project.

All vertical bearing elements at the dwelling buildings to be constructed by reinforced concrete carcass system shall be formed as reinforced concrete walls. They are designed under the conditions of “Systems for which all earthquake impacts are carried by reinforced concrete walls” in the provisions of the current specification and all conditions are met. Building foundations are arranged as massive raft foundation. The raft foundation means to form the reinforced concrete foundations on all over the bottom where the building is located.

As for the technique of the dwellings, the tunnel formwork construction method will be used in higher buildings wheras the others will be constructed in monolith system.

When the earthquake safety is considered in the buildings; In Green Diamond Project buildings are designed completely in compliance with the earthquake regulation. All conditions required by the regulation are provided. Geophysical studies under each block and resistivity measurements and seismic breaking measurements are made in the whole area.

In Green Diamond Project roofs, floor, walls and ceiling shall be constructing with the usage of insulation technique. Furthermore, earthing and lightening rod will be provided.

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