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This stunning family friendly complex of 70,000 sq.m. territory, including 23,150 sq.m green area with three pools, running and walking tracks, four basketball fields, four outdoor fitness areas, four children’s play parks, seven pergolas featured in well maintained community gardens, a recreation/meeting point and 17 open terraces, the whole design reflecting new contemporary life comfort with an accent on healthy lifestyles.

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Built to the highest standards in European residential developments, MAQRO Construction’s Green Diamond complex on the edge of Georgia’s historic capital Tbilisi combines both luxury and affordability for the discerning homeowner, or indeed investor.


Searching for the best investment opportunity? Green Diamond is the right decision.
High early return of 12-14% within just 7-8 years.



The complex offer Security, Cleaning, Gardening and Maintenance service for all common use areas. To simplify meeting the investors goals the company will provide the rent and reselling service as a second-hand unit.


  • First, the government assures that Georgia is a safe country - for residents, business travellers and visiting tourists alike.
  • In Georgia, real estate registrations are online and takes just one day with the minimum cost of only $40 totally.
  • After purchasing an apartment and you can sell after two years without paying tax. Also, there’s no visa needed to check out a property or live in it once it’s yours.
  • Georgia for tourists can provide all year-round attraction, with its historic buildings, wonderful landscapes and some beautiful beach and ski resorts.

Our Developer

MAQRO Construction is a well-respected name in the construction business, residential provision, retail and food sectors in Georgia.

Latest News

2018-06-11 11:00:00

Happy Residents - Early Delivery of the 1st Stage...

We started to deliver apartments of the 1st Stage! Our residents started a new life! MAQRO Construction wishes happy and healthy life! Thanks for choosing Green Diamond! Join them for the second stage, start a new life! Only in June receive 20% discount for the 3 bedroom units To get detailed information about the project, please call 800 035 704 495 (Toll-free from UAE) or visit
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2018-06-10 17:59:36

Musya Qeburia - Painting the Walls of Green Diamond...

The famous street art painter Musya's Art is engaged in painting the walls of the #GreenDiamond yard. #MaqroConstruction #Tbilisi #ResidentialComplex #Maqro
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2018-06-07 18:21:45

Sergo Bagnashvili - Early Delivery of the 1st Stage!...

Our Resident Mr. Sergo Biganashvili received a unit in Green Diamond and shared his opinion with us. ''We decided to buy an apartment in 2016. Construction was supposed to be completed and apartments handed over to us in May, however, we got our apartment earlier. It made us very happy. We liked everything, the yard looks great and we are glad we’ve bought the apartment in Green Diamond. We always wish a special environment for our kids – a nice, cozy, safe and secure place to live and grow up children, fresh air. The complex perfectly meets our needs. This is what we were expecting when choosing Green Diamond."
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2018-06-07 18:11:08

Lika Kipiani - Early Delivery of the 1st Stage...

Our Residents Mrs. Lika Kipiani and Mr. Zviad Gurashvili received a unit in Green Diamond and shared their opinion with us. "We got our apartment from Maqro Construction today after 2 years of expectation. It’s a wonderful apartment with a beautiful view of the window/balcony and a very nice yard. The apartment was handed over to us earlier than expected and we believe we can furnish it as soon as possible and move there to live. We’d like to thank Macro Group for early delivery of our house, we really appreciate it."
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2018-06-04 14:51:01

Natia Apstiasuri - Early Delivery of 1st Stage...

Our Resident Mrs. Natia Aftsiuri and Mr. Tornike Yarashvili received a unit in Green Diamond and shared their opinion with us. ''We thank the company for handing over our apartment earlier than expected. I liked everything: the interior and the exterior and would like to thank the company for everything. We looked through the yard, it’s wonderful, the kid’s playground looks very nice, the swimming pools as well. The kindergarten and the school are lovely. We have one kid and expecting second child soon and they will definitely like going there. Many thanks to MAQRO Construction."
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2018-06-04 14:38:22

Mariam Kutateladze - Early Delivery of the 1st Stage!...

Our Resident Mrs. Mariam Kutateladze received a unit in Green Diamond and shared her opinion with us. ''The most important for the construction company is to fulfill the promises and MAQRO Construction has done it perfectly. I am really satisfied and happy as I received the unit earlier than promised date, the quality is in accordance with the agreement terms. In Green Diamond, there are ideal living conditions for any ranking representative and yes, The New Life Is Beginning in Tbilisi.''
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